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Misty's Diner - Thu, 17th Mar 2011
103/105 High Street Prahran VIC 3181
Ph: (03) 9510 0033
Style: 'meriken
22nd Mar 2018

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Review by Lachie

From the nation that gave you the breakfast burrito, the pop-tart, and the deep-fried twinkie (and the twinkie for that matter), come's a 1950s style diner in Prahran. I'm sure a lot of people know of Misty's Diner already, and I hear there are similar places scattered around Melbourne, but we discovered Misty's through the USA foods store some time last year. This is a specialist grocery specialising in, you guessed it, foods imported straight from the home of the brave and land of the free. I assume they supply a good deal of the goods on offer at Misty's as well.

Last time we went with Dave and Alicia, but this time we invited a bunch of our other friends along, and so a group of 7 of us piled into the nylon padded booth and began the consumption of a fairly disturbing amount of food while surrounded by pink walls, Elvis posters, licence plates, jukeboxes, and general Americana.

Never let it be said that the Gourmet Husbands crew is only interested in the finer things; we find equal amounts of enjoyment from a late night souvlaki, a cheap stir-fry (ask Dave about the best place to buy "grease box noodles" at Melbourne Uni), or in this case a bucket of wings and a bbq pork sandwich.

So: Misty's. The menu is pretty extensive, and includes all the things you'd expect by way of buffalo wings, burgers, and fries. Also jalapeno poppers (peppers stuffed with cheese and deep fried) and assorted other deep fried goodness, a large selection of hot-dogs, some tex-mex kind of stuff (chili, nachos, quesadilla etc), and of course the 'buckets' of food. That's not a misnomer either, these dishes come served in a bucket. This led to the phrase: "Well, let's just get one bucket of buffalo wings, and if we run out we can always order a second bucket", being uttered at our table. Kind of disturbing.

The wings here are actually pretty awesome, with a choice of hot sauces and ranch dressing. Sarah ordered a quesadilla (the menu also gives the phonetic version "kay-sah-dee-ya") and I the 24 hour pulled pork sandwich. Also on the table was the obligatory bucket of buffalo wings, a buffalo wing "salad", an onion tower, some curly fries, and a few rounds of Mexican beer.

My sandwich was pretty spectacular in a "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" kind of way. It's pretty heavy on the BBQ sauce, but it works. The last time I had a pulled pork sandwich was on a work trip outside Chicago, and while Misty's version didn't quite take on the heights reached by "Uncle Bub's Award Winning BBQ Restaurant", it's the closest I've found without having to travel 15,000 km.

Because we're hardcore, we decided to try for dessert as well. The Texas chocolate brownie was as rich as you'd imagine, smothered in ice cream and that god-aweful whipped cream that Americans seem to think is required on anything sweet.

I'm not sure what our guests thought of Misty's, I was kind of afraid to ask. It's an experience that really has to be seen to be believed, and Sarah and I quite enjoy it. Yes it's weird, terribly unhealthy, and sometimes a tad disturbing, but it's also a hell of a lot of fun.


We ate:
Buckets of fried goodness

We drank:
Mexican Beer


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