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21st Mar 2018

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  2 : Jacques Reymond
  3 : The Lake House
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Ezard at Adelphi
(03) 9639 6811 Reviews
Ezard at Adelphi - 26th Oct 2008
The Ezard Experience

Set in a long, narrow dining room beneath the Adelphi hotel in Flinders Lane, Ezard has a reputation for innovative food. From our dining experience it was easy to see why. If I had to come up with a single word to describe the dishes it would be creative, and definitely in a good way.

After we were shown to our table we immediately went ...

Style: Australian free-style cuisine, Influences from Japan, China and Thailand
Address 187 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000
9530 0111. Reviews
Attica - 28th Aug 2011
Far too long between visits

A lot has happened between now and the time I last visited Attica. It's gone from having the AGFG "Dish of the year" to being 73rd best restaurant in the world in 2010, to being the 53rd best in the world (according to the San Pellegrino restaurant awards). I've changed a lot too, I've eaten at award winning restaurants in Melbourne and around the world, ... Attica - 4th Apr 2009

For me, the Gourmet Husbands dinner at Attica was an eye opening experience. As I begin to write this review, I am feeling significantly out of my depth, I don't even know where to start. Who am I to comment on a restaurant which attained the title of 2009 Restaurant of the Year in The Age Good Food Guide? Who am I to discuss the pros and cons of ingredients I've never ...

Style: Modern
Address 74 Glen Eira Road, Ripponlea
The Deanery
96295599 Reviews
The Deanery - 17th Jul 2009
I was more than just a little excited about trying The Deanery. Since Robin Wickens' Interlude restaurant closed its doors over a year ago, I've been yearning to hear of his return. It was a little embarrassing then when I found out he'd been at Deanery for almost six months.

Better late than never, we booked for that Friday night the instant I found out he was there. The Deanery...
Style: Modern Australian, Molecular techniques
Address 13 Bligh Place, Melbourne
Tutto Bene
(03) 9696 3334 Reviews
Tutto Bene - 26th Sep 2008
A Pre-Show Risotto.

If you've got tickets to a show at the Arts Center and are after a rich, filling Italian risotto, you can't really go past Tutto Bene at Southbank. The indoor/outdoor dining room was certainly bustling, with anxious diners milling around to get in the moment the doors opened on the dot of 6pm.

Style: Italian (risotto)
Address Mid Level Southgate, Melbourne Vic
(03) 9696 7655 Reviews
Seagrass - 2nd Dec 2008
Bridging the seafood gap...

Seagrass is a relatively recent addition to the Melbourne scene, situated just above sister restaurant Pure South, on the mid-level of Southgate. Executive Chef Chris Wade has jumped in the deep end for his first executive chef role, but seems to be holding his own, just fine.

The interior design of Seagrass is particularly noteworthy, altho...
Style: Contemporary Seafood
Address Mid level, Southgate, Southbank, 3006
Moretons Brasserie
(03) )9349 4422 Reviews
Moretons Brasserie - 4th Oct 2008
A Beloved Local

There are two reasons to check out Moretons Brasserie: one, the delicious French food and two, the owner/chef Jenny Walsh. If you ever want to go somewhere where you are extremely well looked after and all but invited into the family then Moretons is worth the visit. I will refrain from going off on this tangent but a review of Moretons can simply not be written...

Style: French
Address 166 Rathdowne St, Carlton Nth
Chin Chins at Koto Moon
03 9349 4545 Reviews
Chin Chins at Koto Moon - 22nd Oct 2008
A sentimental affinity

I must get my disclaimers out of the way at the start of this review. I have somewhat of an emotional attachment to Chin Chin's at Koto Moon. Sarah and I have been coming here for years, for birthdays, anniversaries, valentines days etc. We took our friends here when we got engaged; I even had my buck's dinner here.

With that out of the way it ...

Style: Pan-Asian
Address 647 Rathdowne Street, North Carlton






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