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21st Mar 2018

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Duck two ways, with morello cherry sauce

This dish looks quite fancy when plated, and is great for a dinner party since it doesn't require too much fuss on the night (with one exception). The sauce can be prepared in advance, if required. Serves 4, with sauce left over.

Raspberry Souffle

A souffle is one of those things that cooks fear, but after Alicia suffered through years of failed attempts, I finally got it right (with significant help from Damien Pignolet!). Based on his technique for a passionfruit souffle, this is my adaptation to a raspberry version. Note tha...

Crayfish with cream and pink peppercorn sauce

Great for New Year's (or Christmas, or just whenever you feel the urge to indulge!). Get yourself a good bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, kick off your shoes and rip into a hunk of good quality cray. It's pretty quick, looks damn impressive, and tastes great. I recommend getting your crayfi...

Mum's black forest cherry cake

Serious chocolate, lots of grog and tonnes of cream: this one's going to leave a mark on your waist line, but don't let that stop you. My Mum's recipe originally, I"ve left it pretty much the same as she did it. OK, maybe I added a bit more booze!

You can make this a day ...

Scallops with truffled mash and creamed leaks

It took me a while to be really happy with this dish: it's quite rich, but the sweetness of the caramalized leeks works quite well with the scallops I think. The balsamic glaze shouldn't be too heavy - just a little acidity to lighten the load. It may take a bit of fiddling to get the...

Blue swimmer crab filo pastry parcels with tomato, lime and Thai basil sorbet

Blue swimmer crab looked good at the market, and combining it with a couple of bugs meant I got a bit more meat for my money. The sorbet was a bit of an odd idea, but turned out to be a hit. Suck it and see. Note that you can make a sorbet without an ice cream machine, b...

Ocean Trout Coulibiac with Salsa Verde and Anchovie cream sauce

A Russian-inspired layered "fish pie" of sorts, this makes a great entree for a large group (and looks quite spectacular) or a filling main for a small party. Like most Russian dishes it's quite flexible to the ingredients you have on hand. Works well with different seafoods, so feel ...

Thai spiced quail with cucumber oil and mango salad

So I wanted to use cucumber oil, and I wanted to serve quail. This is the result, and I'm pretty pleased with it. It's got plenty of spice and kick, but the mango balances things out nicely I think. Give it a go and let me know what you think on the forums!

Golden spiced snapper and scallops with citrus and pomegranate salad

What to do with a big fish? As long as you have a big enough frying pan (or a barbeque) this is a simple but delicious adaptation of a Greg Malouf classic. A not-so-baby snapper will serve about 6 as an entree, or 3-4 as a main. Allow about 2-3 scallops per person. If you can get bloo...

Scallop tartare with autumn flavours

This was an experiment that actually worked. The tartare is a classic French recipe, the rest simply flavours that I wanted to try with it. As it turned out, it's a really fun dish to make, but more fun to eat - combining your own flavour combinations leads to interesting dinner conve...


Only Americans could come up with such a dish: A chicken, stuffed in a duck, stuffed in a turkey. This version has 3 stuffings, each of which also contain various meats, for a total of 7 different dead animals. This is a great one to offend vegetarian dining companions!








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