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  26th Apr 2018

Our top 5's:

Dave and Alicia's Best :
  1 : Tetsuya's
  2 : Attica
  3 : Vue de Monde
  4 : Bistro Guillaume
  5 : Rockpool Bar and Grill
Lachie & Sarah's Picks :
  1 : Attica
  2 : Jacques Reymond
  3 : The Lake House
  4 : Pearl
  5 : Matteo's

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Could we really be back?
Mon 5th Mar, 2012
  It's true! We've decided to start up recording podcasts again. Basically we talk about food and drink whether or not we're recording it, so why the hell not? Tonight we talk about The Atlantic, Scotch Whisky, Farmer's Markets, and the joys of making pasta.
Waaaay too long between drinks...
Wed 8th Feb, 2012
  We're BaaAAaack! More or less. Mostly less. This is a weird podcast when we almost spontaneously decided to start doing these again. We have some technical issues, some memory issues, and splice in random comments from recordings long past! Hopefully the first of many podcasts for 2012.
It's been too long.
Sun 10th Oct, 2010
  Warning! I "edited" this podcast about 8 hours before I got on a plane to go to Japan. Therefore, there is none of the usual bleeping of Dave's language, nor compressing of umms, ahhs, and pauses. This is a warts and all podcast. We talk Taxi, MEH, Movida (big and small) and whatever else comes to mind. Enjoy!
Already warmed up - Masterchef Rant #325
Sun 18th Jul, 2010
  A tad different from any other podcast we've done. This one was impromptu after a dinner in the city while the Gourmet Wives were off watching some crap about sparkly vampires. We didn't have our usual recording equipment so you'll have to excuse a little of the audio quality. But we chat about a few places we've been. Notably Comme Kitchen, Verge and Dave on yet another #$&#*ing Masterchef #$&#*ing rant. Those with sensitive ears may want to skip this one.
Number 25 - Some wine, some food, and an upcoming holiday.
Tue 22nd Jun, 2010
  Back again in Dave's kitchen. We chat about some American wine, some local food (some good, some not so much), and a little about Masterchef Season 2
Vue de Monde, Maze, wine and wagyu.
Fri 30th Apr, 2010

Dave talks about recent visits to the big one. Vue de Monde. Also about his recent lunch at Maze, some excellent wines, and what to do (or perhaps not to do) to $70 worth of Wagyu.

Quails, pigs, twitter, and stuff
Wed 7th Apr, 2010
  Lachie's kitchen again this time around as you hear the wonderful sounds of quails getting deep fried while we chat about a place in the Yarra Valley to dine (Bella Vedere), a place in the city (Cumulus Inc) and a bit of cooking and drinking goes on.
Guillaume good, Embrasse not so much, and other stuff.
Thu 4th Mar, 2010
  Again a long time between podcasts. This time around we're discussing good times and bad. From the highs of Bistro Guillaume, to the lows of My Kitchen Rules. It's quite a ride.
Some of the best restaurants in the world.
Fri 15th Jan, 2010
  With Dave recently back from the US and some of the best restaurants in the world (#6 and #11 if the rankings are to be believed) it only seemed fair that we spoke about them. Closer to home we have a bit of a ramble about New Years (and resolutions), whether Melbourne has space for more high end restaurants, and whatever else comes to mind.
This podcast also features music by Sweedish blues band Burnshee Thornside used under creative commons licence from
The USA, Embrasse, and the rest.
Wed 9th Dec, 2009
  A little long this time around (42:48), because it's been a while between podcasts. Most of the time I (Lachie) rabbit on about his trip to the USA, but also included is Dave's thoughts on Embrasse and possibly the most vulgar phrase ever used in a food review. Enjoy.
Lachie's kitchen and a trip to Beechworth
Tue 22nd Sep, 2009

Once again from Lachie's kitchen. Don't talk about the cooking so much as they're not original creations, but recipes from Chef's Pencil. We do talk about the wines a fair bit, plus The Provenance in Beechworth, Taxi in Fed Square, and a bunch of other stuff.

Daylesford, Gingerboy, service and guests.
Sat 22nd Aug, 2009
  Dave is stressed out due to the impending arrival of guests, one of whom furnished the night with an excellent French red. As a result Dave's molecular gastronomy experiment goes awry. Well, it was either the stress or the fact that Dave had no idea what he was doing.
That aside it all goes swimmingly, join us for a discussion of places to eat and drink in Daylesford, a couple in the city, and how bad service can spoil a night out. Enjoy!
The Masterchef Final
Wed 22nd Jul, 2009
  Recorded the day after the first season of Masterchef's final. As a result the censor button got quite the work out. Also, we were forced to take an intermission because we wouldn't shut up. So it's a long one, but hopefully at least marginally entertaining.
A while between drinks
Sun 28th Jun, 2009
  Dave is back from Sydney after some fine dining north of the border. He also steps up his cooking with some rather ambitious experimentation. In the podcast we discuss food and wine as normal, plus the best burger in Melbourne, the best food Dave has eaten in a long while. Plus about a hundred other topics.
The Masterchef Rant Episode
Sun 24th May, 2009
  Once again we come to you from Lachie's kitchen. Well, his in-laws kitchen, which comes with its own set of problems on top of the whole Lachie cooking thing.
This week Dave gets free reign to say what he wants about Masterchef, and boy does he do so. We also chat about a few restaurants as usual, a wine tour to Macedon, and the intimidation factor of being contacted by a head chef from a restaurant we reviewed.
ANZAC Day Podcast
Sat 2nd May, 2009
  Today we return to a few places we've discussed before. Dave and Alicia have been back to The European, this time for dinner (we had a late supper there last time), and Sarah and Lachie have once again visited the old favourite in China Town. We also chat about the upcoming Masterchef, no-bookings restaurants, and various other randomness.
Lucky 13th
Thu 16th Apr, 2009
  Once again from Lachie's kitchen. I apologise for the lack of info here, I accidentally deleted this post when adding the subsequent podcast.
Cooking, more Yarra Valley, Blogging and Twitter, and a rant.
Mon 30th Mar, 2009
  Mt Rael Retreat vs the Melbourne Food and Wine festival, Lachie's cooking vs Dave's cooking and Dave vs the Melbourne food scene. Quite the match ups.
The Point, MoVida Next Door, Bistro Guillaume, and random chat
Tue 10th Mar, 2009

Settle in, this is a bit of a long one. It has been a while between podcasts, so we've got a bit to get through. Not that we get through it, we kind of get side tracked instead.

Quails, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, and tipping and service rants.
Mon 9th Feb, 2009
  In our first podcast for 2009 we discuss some new recipes that Dave is trying out.
We also give the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival a free plug, and some news from the Fed-Square wine tastings, with bonus ranting.
Continuing the ranting theme, we complain about various service customs that annoy one or both of us.

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From Lachie's Kitchen, Matteo's, St Jude's Cellars, and some old reisling.
Thu 15th Jan, 2009
  We chat away for the first podcast of 2009, a couple of restaurants, a wine or two, a bit of a complaint about sharing, and Lachie in the kitchen.
There goes 2008!
Wed 31st Dec, 2008
  In our final podcast for 2008 we chat about the food and wine that abounds this time of year. Three restaurants, including what is the first review we would classify as negative.
Lunch, Christmas, Anada, Il Bacaro and NuNu
Mon 15th Dec, 2008
  We talk Christmas food, including Dave's patented (not actually patented) Christmas Oyster duo. Also several restaurants, the Spanish Anada and the Italian Il Bacaro. Also rating a mention is the Gourmet Husbands favourite Queensland destination.
Lunch time at Dave's, more of Lachie's cooking, where to eat late at night and general whinging .
Mon 1st Dec, 2008
  We whinge about places not being open, whinge about Gordon Ramsey taking too long to come to Australia, whinge about college food, whinge about a lack of sparkling wine(whine?) in bottle shops. Good natured people that we are.
Lachie in the Kitchen, Shoya, Matsumoto and Knives
Tue 18th Nov, 2008
  Lachie's first appearance in the kitchen on the podcast. Not a lot of discussion of the cooking, but we wax lyrical about a couple of Japanese restaurants on different ends of the price spectrum. Also talk about knives, Jamie Oliver and the chopping block.
Turducken Day
Sat 1st Nov, 2008
  Turducken Day. We talk all things meat stuffed with meat. Other topics covered are pumpkin carving, an exciting visit to the forums, and a possible ranking system for our reviews. Not to mention our extra special guests in the second half of the podcast.
Sorry about the quality of the podcast, we had several technical issues
Bonus Podcast - Ocean Trout Coulibiac. Ezard at Adelphi and Oysters at Enoteca Sileno
Sun 26th Oct, 2008
  Extra special bonus podcast! After our dinner at Ezard on Saturday we couldn't wait a whole week to talk about it. Also Dave cooks a dish we can't pronounce and an evening of bubbly and oysters in North Carlton.
Thai Beef Salad, Bistro Flor, Cooking Disasters and the future of the podcast
Sat 18th Oct, 2008
  In the second installment of our fortnightly podcast series we chat about a few ideas for the future, a local ex-wine-bar, the wines we're drinking and the food we're cooking. Also Lachie's homework, recreating the dish prepared for the first podcast and cooking disasters.

Press Club review, Rolled chicken with pomegranate/truffle sauce, Maha bar and grill
Mon 6th Oct, 2008




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