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Welcome to Gourmet Husbands: Talking Food Since 2008.
26th Apr 2018

Our top 5's:

Dave and Alicia's Best :
  1 : Tetsuya's
  2 : Attica
  3 : Vue de Monde
  4 : Bistro Guillaume
  5 : Rockpool Bar and Grill
Lachie & Sarah's Picks :
  1 : Attica
  2 : Jacques Reymond
  3 : The Lake House
  4 : Pearl
  5 : Matteo's

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A new podcast and a new medium.
Fri 30th Apr, 2010 - by Lachie is on the air! Or rather we will be. Dave and I have been invited by Pete Dillon from JOY 94.9 to be interviewed in his weekly food segment: "Cravings", this Saturday (1st of May). We'll also be on with Mat McArtney from Chateau Yering, and Ben Shewry from Attica, so while feeling a little out of our depth it should be a fun chat. If you're not in Melbourne you can listen in online at from 1pm onwards.

We've been in both print, and radio; surely a guest appearance on Masterchef can't be far away.

If you still haven't become sick of our voices we also have a new podcast up. As usual we drink some excellent wine, eat some wonderful food, and generally talk rubbish until we get bored and feel the need to eat and drink some more. Topics this time around include Dave's visits to Vue de Monde and Maze, and taking on Rockpool with our very own Wagyu burger.


Masterchef Bingo!
Tue 20th Apr, 2010 - by Lachie
  Masterchef Bingo!

It's on again. The show that swept the nation, and introduced a populace to the term "plating up". It turned a couple of chefs into household names, made billions* for its advertisors, and brought the cravat back to the fore-front of the public conciousness.

I'm speaking of course, of Masterchef.

I admit to watching and enjoying the show (mostly). But let's face it, anything can be improved by the addition of a) gambling, and/or b) drinking. And here at I feel it's my duty to facilitate such activities. So I present you with: THE MASTERCHEF BINGO SHEET:

The rules are up to you. You can either play traditional bingo, drink whenever you cross off a square, bet on which squares turn up first, the permutations are limitless.

ENJOY! And if you have any suggestions for things which should be on the board, I haven't ruled out the possibility of making several of these throughout the season.

*(I assume)

A much needed weekend away
Mon 12th Apr, 2010 - by Lachie

It'd been a long, short week. While only three days at the office after the Easter weekend, work was pretty full on for both Sarah and I. So when Sarah emailed me with a suggestion that we spend the weekend in Central Victorian wine country, I was uncharacteristically enthusiastic.

After work on Friday, we headed North to Heathcote. My trusty GPS unit got us there easily enough, although it's ETA was way off as it insisted the last 20km along the Northern Highway were going to take us one and a half hours. We stopped in at the Union Hotel for dinner; a real Local's local, I will perhaps leave my description at that and allow you to draw your own conclusions.

We awoke on Saturday morning to rain and wind howling through, perfect Shiraz weather. We decided to head across to Bendigo for some wineries and lunch. First we hit Mandurang Valley Wines who have done exceptionally well for themselves being a smallish producer using only hand picked grapes; exporting a large amount of their Shiraz to China. We were also taken in by their crisp Sem-Sav Blanc, and dry Rose.

We dropped by LynneVale Estate before heading back into Bendigo for lunch at Whirrakee Restaurant in the center of town. We'd been put onto them by a particularly mouth-watering review of a chocolate dessert in The Age Good Food Guide. We had no issues getting a table for Saturday lunch - it was very quiet, just us and two or three other tables (they were booked out for dinner though). Both Sarah's confit duck and my Berkshire pork belly with caramelised peach came surrounded in delicious jus, I'd highly recommend both dishes. We were also not let down by the Expression of Valrhona Chocolate we'd read so much about. A fondant, a parfait, lavender mille feuille, and a chocolate creme topped with passionfruit salad. That's a lot of good on one plate.

Post lunch we headed back to Heathcote to do a few more wineries, we were thinking of doing Pondalowie but had heard they'd had problems with salinity and had closed their cellar door, at least temporarily. We visited Shelmerdine, McIvor Estate, that afternoon, and Heathcote Winery, Flynn's and Kyneton Estate before heading home on Sunday. Flynn's is worth noting for very high quality wines; their Cab Merlot particularly impressed, and their Shiraz will be outstanding after a little cellaring (it's pretty damn good now, but they also had their 03 on tasting so here's hoping the bottle of the current vintage will turn into that in a few years).

We lunched at Pizza Verde in "historic" Piper Street Kyneton on the way home, and while they were offering their lunch roasts menu, it was pizza that brought us there and so pizza we ordered. I had the Sausage (Tomato, hand minced pork & fennel, cherry tomato, Parmesan, oregano & dried chilli), while Sarah went for the Proscuitto & Leek (bianco, sautéed leek, Gorgonzola, prosciutto & rocket). We left happy, I'd go back any day. It seems strange that a town the size of Kyneton has three places I'd happily eat (here, along with Annie Smither's Bistro and the Royal George Hotel) within about 100m of each other.

After the long-short week that pre-empted the weekend, we were rather fittingly exhausted and re-invigorated. Rather like our wine supplies.

A Big Update
Wed 7th Apr, 2010 - by Lachie

As promised: new content!

First of all there's the new podcast. Coming live (well recorded Good Friday) from Lachie's kitchen comlete with kitchen sounds of plates banging, pots being dropped, and of course oil bubbling as whole quails get deep fried. We also chat about a few places we've been recently, a wine Dave rates highly, more disagreements over how good twitter can be, and anything else that comes to mind.

Some of the places mentioned in the podcast get a bit more attention in the new* posts below:
Dave's Reviews of:
Bella Vedere in the Yarra Valley
Esposito in Carlton
and not mentioned in this podcast, but may rate a discussion next time,
Gordon Ramsay's Maze at Crown.
Also Lachie's review of Cumulus Inc.

Hopefully that's enough new stuff to make up for the lack of posting in a while. And now that I know I have a 30 day limit on time between posts before our front page dies I'll endeavour not to let it happen again.


We'll be right back.
Tue 6th Apr, 2010 - by Lachie

So apparently if we don't post for a month, our front page dies.
There's good stuff coming, I promise. We have a new podcast which will be online as soon as I've edited it, there's a review of Cumulus Inc. which will be up as soon as I've finished it, and there's who knows how many things for Dave to put online as soon as I've bugged him enough.

In the meantime, please enjoy this photo of some cocktails.





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