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Welcome to Gourmet Husbands: Talking Food Since 2008.
26th Apr 2018

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Dave and Alicia's Best :
  1 : Tetsuya's
  2 : Attica
  3 : Vue de Monde
  4 : Bistro Guillaume
  5 : Rockpool Bar and Grill
Lachie & Sarah's Picks :
  1 : Attica
  2 : Jacques Reymond
  3 : The Lake House
  4 : Pearl
  5 : Matteo's

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February wasn't bad either
Sun 7th Mar, 2010 - by Lachie

With Dave away in the Yarra Valley for the long weekend, (and Sarah and I left looking after the Gourmet Cat), I have free-run of the front page. MWAH AHA HA HA. So once again I'm turning this into my own private Wine-a-holics Anonymous meeting. Here's the wine I drank this month.

My name's Lachie, and I'm a wine-a-holic.

Once again I feel it necessary to point out that
a) I'm not drinking an entire bottle of each of these wines, or even half a bottle. Some are simply one glass, but it all goes into the note pad.
b) There are often days which inflate the total. This month was the free MSO concerts at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl, which work mates helped turn into a pretty boozy picnic. With nice music.

That's it for now, but I have an idea for a post in the near future (time permitting), based around loosly connecting my profession with this site. Let's see if I can't keep the front page moving a bit more this month. Ahh, who am I kidding, I'll just bug Dave to put up recipes and reviews of the Yarra Valley. That'll do.

I know, I know ...
Thu 4th Mar, 2010 - by Lachie
  Too long between posts

Yes. I know. I said I'd keep this site ticking over, and it's been about a month between newposts. But hey, I'm here now, and I offer you three things to peruse and forget about how much you've missed us.

Number One: A BRAND SPANKING NEW PODCAST! I'm not sure why that required allcaps, or bold, but I have to talk these things up. Anyway, you can have a listen to it by clicking the link below:
The 22nd Gourmet Husbands Podcast - we're not quite dead

Next is my Guillaume Review. It's actually been on the site for a while now, but it's been hiding behind the scenes so I thought I'd point it out to anyone who's interested. To sum it up, we had an awesome time and it was the meal of the year thus far.

Finally, there's a Food Bloggers conference coming up in Melbourne soon as part of (but possibly separate too) the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. I'm not going to any of the festival this year (for a few reasons too dull to get into details, but there are reasons), but as a token effort I'm going to enter the food bloggers photo competition. I don't have a chance of winning looking at the other entries on there, but I'm going to give it a shot of at least making an entry. You can see all the entries here.

That's all for now. I will try and do more in March than I did in February, but I'm not promising anything.

Also, Dave tells me he has a new review of Otsumami up too.




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