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Welcome to Gourmet Husbands: Talking Food Since 2008.
22nd Mar 2018

Our top 5's:

Dave and Alicia's Best :
  1 : Tetsuya's
  2 : Attica
  3 : Vue de Monde
  4 : Bistro Guillaume
  5 : Rockpool Bar and Grill
Lachie & Sarah's Picks :
  1 : Attica
  2 : Jacques Reymond
  3 : The Lake House
  4 : Pearl
  5 : Matteo's

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One whole year of
Fri 25th Sep, 2009 - by Lachie

One year ago today, went live. To be honest I wasn't sure how long we would stick with it, but as it turns out it has been a hell of a lot of fun. That being the case, I'd imagine we'll be sticking with it for quite a while to come.

Through the course of this year we have amassed:

- 19 Podcasts
- 41 Reviews
- 34 Recipes
- 442 Photos

I shudder to think how much we have spent on this hobby of ours, but then what hobby doesn't end up being a hole into which time and money is thrown? And at least with this one, food and wine comes out of it.

All four of us - Dave and Alicia, Sarah and I - would sincerely like to thank anyone and everyone who has come to our site and had a look around. Everyone who has made comments, read our reviews, listened to the podcasts, maybe even tried a restaurant or recipe or two on our recommendations. Thank you also to all my twitter followers (and all those I follow), you've helped me realise how alive the amatuer food scene is in this town. Most of all, we'd like to thank all the owners, managers, chefs, waitstaff, someliers, and especially dining companions - without all of you this site would be very empty indeed.

Here's to another 12 months!

Podcast #19 - From Lachie's Kitchen
Thu 24th Sep, 2009 - by Lachie

About a month since our last podcast, we had a fair bit to get through this evening. Being that it was at my house this time around we don't chat about the food I'm cooking all that much because they weren't original recipes. If you're interested, entree was Roast Pepper Soup with Garlic Shitakes and Parsley oil and dessert was Espresso Poached Pear with Dark Chocolate Semi-Freddo both of which can be found at Chef's Pencil. Main was a duck breast with blueberry and creme de cassis sauce, from my favourite French book Ripailles.

We do talk about wine, a few different restaurants ( The Provenance, Taxi, Pearl, Markov Place, and probably others I'm forgetting.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy our latest ramblings.

Two reviews and a recipe
Fri 11th Sep, 2009 - by Lachie

Close observers, or indeed anyone who would listen to me over the last week, will have noticed that Sarah and I have altered our top 5 pics (found just to the right of this post). Yes, last weekend we visited Pearl in Church Street Richmond, and had such a good time it just had to make our list.

The night before, the whole GourmetHusbands crew had a casual dinner at Markov Place in Carlton. It's a pretty cool little tapas bar, hidden away behind a bar and down an alley a block from Lygon Street. It was a fun night full of Spanish food (and a surprising bottle of Spanish wine).

Next weekend we're scheduled to record a new podcast, once again from my kitchen, so chances are I'll be shamelessly ripping off other people's recipes and as such I can't in good conscience put them on the site. So instead of that, here we present to you Dave's Duck, Pork and Pistachio Terrine which we had on the previous podcast. Who doesn't go for a recipe that calls for a mountain of meat?




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