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21st Mar 2018

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Podcast #17
Thu 23rd Jul, 2009 - by Lachie

Again with Masterchef. It seems that for weeks all everyone has talked about has been Masterchef, leading upto the final, the day of the final, the days after the final. Masterchef, Masterchef, Masterchef.

And who are we to be any different? As a result we do spend quite a bit of this episode discussing the most recent phenomenon to hit the Australian tv spectrum. Once we get over that (which to be honest takes a while), we chat about a few restaurants we've been to. Including Helenic Republic, Ocha, and The Deanery now that Robin Wickens is at the helm.

So please check out the latest podcast, let us know your thoughts on anything we have to say, or anything else related that crosses your mind.

As a short aside, I think the official reaction to Masterchef was:
a) It's great that more people are talking about food
b) Our choice didn't win, and we're a little bitter about that
c) Celebrity Masterchef will probably be crap.

What a catch-up!
Mon 20th Jul, 2009 - by Dave.
  Here 'tis - I promised while recording the podcast that I'd finish this yesterday, but it took longer than I thought. So, check out my somewhat casual comments about our visit to Grossi Florentino, a happy little Japanese camper in Kew, Ocha, and the new number two, The Deanery.

Also, I've put up the recipe for the Veal shanks braised in red wine, Duck and mushroom soup and Confit pork belly with pickled beetroot and red cabbage cous cous. I'm thoroughly exhausted, but at least I'm nearly caught up. The entree from the latest podcast (which Lachie probably hasn't put up yet) was from Chef's Pencil: Grilled Sardines on Red Pepper Coulis with Fresh Basil and Reduced Balsamic although I added butterflied prawns and crumbed all the seafood with a mixture of flour, western and Japanese breadcrumbs, brown sugar and sweet paprika. I've seen a couple of the photos Lachie took, and they look pretty cool, so hopefully he'll add a couple of those, too. I haven't forgotten the Court House review, nor the Green tea and caramelised apple soufflé, but my phone just died (possibly bricked) and the photos are on it, so they'll have to wait.

We're off to Daylesford this weekend, to put to the test a couple of serious foodie joints, not to mention plenty of good wine. Hopefully with the break from cooking our wives will let us have a few minutes to add some new wines to the site. Of course, Masterchef is now over, and although I will remain grumpy for some time that the winner didn't know the difference between a shallot and an onion, some good came of it, in the form of a meat grinder. The gourmet wife decided this would be a worthwhile investment, and she actually used it to make sausages last night, which were bloody good! Didn't use the masterchef recipe, but Damien Pignolet's instead (sorry, Gary, but he outranks you in my book!)

Edit: Have finished a few notes on the Court House Hotel, although admittedly my memories of this dinner about three weeks ago are a little fuzzy. Not to worry, Lachie is heading over that way soon, so he will fill in the gaps.
Mon 13th Jul, 2009 - by Dave. (and Lachie)
  So I'm a bit behind the eight ball on this news (given that I read it in the paper, I'm sure the rest of Melbourne has known for ages) but *The Man*, Robin Wickens, ex-Interlude, is back, now at the Deanery. Too late, I've already booked for Friday night. To me, he is That Guy, the one who really opened my eyes to food. Respect. I'll write up the review ASAP.

I know I'm really behind on reviews and recipes. Excuses following. Sydney ones are done, so to our millions of fans world wide, please stop asking. (Yes, you, Mum.) They are, of course, Guillaume at Bennelong and the unbelievable Tetsuya's.

The Melbourne ones (The Court House Hotel, Grossi Florentino) are still in the making (i.e. the photos are still on my phone) but coming soon. As for recipes, it took a couple of goes to get the pasta from the last podcast sorted out, but I've pretty much finished it and it'll be up in the next few days, once I get the pictures from Lachie's camera. Veal shanks are straight forward. I'm just lazy. I'll do those in a tick, and edit this post with the link. Time to go drool over pictures on the Deanery's website.


While we're on the topic of site updates, just thought I'd throw out that my review of Hellenic Republic is now up as well. The latest venture from Dave's favourite Masterchef character.

Edit (Dave):

The Lobster-filled giant ravioli recipe is now done, and Lachie will add the rest of the photos to it. Check it out here




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