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26th Apr 2018

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Wed 27th May, 2009 - by Lachie

So....I stuffed up a bit huh?

It's been brought to my attention by one of our legions of fan that the most recent podcast has some pretty interesting editing issues. Namely that at about three points the audio repeats about 30 seconds or so. I blame the fact that I got it uploaded less than 24 hours after recording, so I was probably still mildly hungover and it simply escaped my notice.

That and I'm sure it was Dave's fault.

I'll try and get it fixed up as quickly as possible.

My Achilles' Heel
Sun 24th May, 2009 - by Lachie

So the new podcast is uploaded a mere day after recording. Still not quite sure how that happened, but there you go.

So normally in this space I would tell you about the podcast and stuff, but instead I'm going to bring up something that gets mentioned only briefly in the podcast and I wish to go into a little more detail here. You will hear me suggest that the desert I have made, a chocolate mousse (pictured), looks like it's going to work and that I'm cautiously optimistic. Alas, my optimism was ill-founded.

I have decided that chocolate mousse is my Achilles' heel. I have made them several times over the years, and never, NEVER have they worked properly. I've used multitudes of different recipes, different equipment, different ingredients, but for some reason I seem incapable of producing something you could accurately describe as mousse. This weeks effort was the closest I've been, with it being perhaps more accurately described as chocolate semi-goo.

I know it's an old fashioned sort of dish, but I unashemedly love it, and I will persist. I think I'm going to try again next weekend with a few tweaks and see how it comes out. Watch this space.

In the meantime, listen to this podcast.

Out of time
Thu 21st May, 2009 - by Dave.
  I'm just as slack as Lachie, having not put the recipes from the last podcast up until now. The entree was really already up (golden spiced snapper with citrus salad) but I've added a photo and how-to for the dressed-up entree version.

The main was an oxtail ragout, but I can't put that up since it was straight from Damien Pignolet's book, French (copyright, and all). Dessert, also borrowing heavily from the same book, was sufficiently different however, so the Raspberry Souffle recipe is up now. Also, I finally put up some comments about our visit to The European (though not really a review!) and I've added the recipe for the I-finally-got-it-right scallops with truffled mash and creamed leaks. Podcast is happening this Saturday at Lachie's place, so watch out for that next week...
Getting Slack.
Mon 11th May, 2009 - by Lachie

So I was assuming I'd have done one or two updates by now, but I'm getting pretty slack about putting things on the site. So here to make amends I'm going to update you with everything new since the last podcast.

Church Street Enoteca Review

Yeah, that's it. Sorry. Like I said: slack.
I do have other things to say though. First of all it seems that the majority of people agree with Dave and don't like no-bookings restaurants. Don't let our measly vote count fool you, we've been bugging people in real life about this and most seem to agree it's a trend we don't like.
Also, I've been watching a reasonable amount of Masterchef Australia and to be honest I'm finding it very hit and miss. Sometimes I enjoy it, sometimes it feels like I'm watching "Survivor - Kitchen", other times it feels like an hour long product placement. In truth it's probably a bit of all three. You can expect a fair argument on the next podcast because Dave has (rather arbitrarily) decided he doesn't like George Columbaris, and he has similar but less passionate feelings towards Gary Mehigan.

Finally I'd like to make mention of something that concerns me slightly. That is that people may actually be reading the stuff that we put on this site. This revelation came to me after I was contacted (via Twitter) by the chef from Church Street Enoteca, wanting to know how my meal there was! Luckily it was great, as you can see from the above review, but in case you do read this: Hi Ron.

Oh, and one last side note. I should have written a review of The Outpost in Noojee. But it's been too long since I ate there and it wouldn't really be fair. We discussed it on the last podcast so you'll know we were a little disappointed but I feel it wouldn't be right to do a full review over a month after eating there. I will put photos below though.

A new record for a new podcast
Sat 2nd May, 2009 - by Lachie

In a Gourmet Husbands first, I have taken exactly one week to upload the podcast after it had been recorded. While normally this wouldn't be a huge issue, this week we discuss the upcoming tv show: Masterchef.

Of course, Masterchef has now been running for a week, so I guess you can decide for yourselves whether our thoughts of what it would be like have been accurate. Expect more debate on this in further posts/podcasts.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new one. A review of The European is in there, and a mention of Supper Inn again. Also the standard array of food and wine. There will be a few new things added to the site in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that. But in the meantime, enjoy the new podcast.




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