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26th Apr 2018

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Dave and Alicia's Best :
  1 : Tetsuya's
  2 : Attica
  3 : Vue de Monde
  4 : Bistro Guillaume
  5 : Rockpool Bar and Grill
Lachie & Sarah's Picks :
  1 : Attica
  2 : Jacques Reymond
  3 : The Lake House
  4 : Pearl
  5 : Matteo's

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To book or not to book
Tue 21st Apr, 2009 - by Dave.
After a recent article in The Age attracted my interest (and a characteristic rant) I was surprised to hear that many of my peers had no problems with restaurants who refuse to take bookings. So I've added a poll to the site to obtain a larger sample from which to draw my conclusions.

Are these restaurants being arrogant in assuming that we should wait for some unknown period (often hours) to secure a table in their establishment? Or am I just an old fuddy-duddy for thinking that a no-bookings restaurant is basically an overpriced cafe that wants to force you to hang around for hours buying overpriced drinks at an understaffed bar?

I'm willing to listen to arguments on this: yes, I know it's good food, but I've had better without having to wait! So for now I'm boycotting all no-bookings restaurants, on principle. I may be easily provoked into a full-blown rant and flame war on the forums, should it be raised, so let me know what you think, at least on the poll. Or tell me what I'm missing here?

Lucky Thirteenth
Thu 16th Apr, 2009 - by Lachie
  Lunch @ Lachie's

I've just uploaded our Lucky 13th podcast. Recorded on the 13th day of the month no less, although it was a Monday so I think we're ok.

Please excuse the noise and echo involved, this one was at my place it got a little noisy in there. Especially for the first 10mins or so of eye fillet on the stove.

I'll go looking for some links to recipes and books that we mention in the podcast, watch this space, but for now I hope you enjoy it. Remember, if you enjoy listening to it just half as much as we enjoyed making it, then we've enjoyed it twice as much as you.

Vension, Pork Belly, Rockpool and more
Sun 12th Apr, 2009 - by Dave
  I tend to get these things done all at once, and being a long weekend (and doing a podcast tomorrow) I figured I'd better get them done before Lachie gives me a hard time about it. So, I've finished the altered recipes for the Venison with braised red cabbage, cherry and juniper sauce and Pork Belly a la Ezard which were the dishes on the last podcast. (I know, that was two weeks ago - they needed revisions!)

I've also written a review of our visit to Rockpool last Thursday. It's a bit of a long rant, but worth a look: the verdict is a good one. Pictures are coming soon but they're on the camera which is out for the weekend, so I'll add them shortly. Also new is a review of an old favourite, Rathdowne Tavern, which we dropped into last week. We're recording a podcast tomorrow, so that should be up next week sometime - stay tuned.

Edit: Photos from Rockpool and a few more from RT are now up - the low lighting at Rockpool meant most of the food shots didn't do the dishes justice. Rather than give an unfair representation, I've left them off.
Thomas Keller's B.L.T.
Wed 8th Apr, 2009 - by Lachie
  Surely a B.L.T. needs bacon in it?

As you may notice from the box to the right of this sentence, I'm now on Twitter. As a direct result of this, I was pointed by a twitter-er from Gourmet Traveller magazine to a list of sandwich recipes. These weren't just any sandwiches mind you, these were Thomas Keller recipes.

So how does a chef that has two three star restaurants (The French Laundry in California and Per Se in New York) cook a BLT? Not with bacon, lettuce or tomato it seems. I think this is one of those post-modern semi-ironic re-imagining of stereotypical dishes that I've seen before (think Iron Chef Japanese making hot dogs). It did look awesome however, and I was so curious I could not help but give it a shot.

Below you'll see photos of my attempt. You can check out the original recipe if you're interested in giving it a shot yourself, or just to see how mine compared. I reckon I did pretty well, and while it was one of the most (probably the most) labour intensive sandwiches I've ever made, it was worth it.

I get it now - Attica
Sat 4th Apr, 2009 - by Lachie
  OR: What the hell is that in the kitchen?

Until last night, I never really got the term Molecular Gastronomy. I always thought they were two unrelated words thrown together by marketing types and thus "inventing" something new (think metrosexual, or social networking). Now I'm all turned around on the subject.

I spent last night at Attica. And boy did I get an education at the school of food, with chef Ben Shewry the outstanding teacher. Many of the dishes are accompanied by little touches of science, hinting at their high-tech origins: soup poured from beakers, sauces carried out in test-tubes, that sort of thing.

It seems technology has finally found the kitchen. After changing the way we travel, communicate, work, play, science is now changing the way we eat. Provided we eat at places like Attica anyway. I know there are other places in Melbourne and many around the world that are doing amazing things with food and technology, and many have been for some time, but this was a revelataion to me. It has shown me just how good food can be.

PS: Some may notice the "Lachie and Sarah's top picks" list has gone. There is some debate where Attica sits within it, watch this space.

PS:It's back, after discussion.





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