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25th Apr 2018

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Thank God It's Friday (of sorts)
Mon 23rd Feb, 2009 - by Lachie

OK, so it's not actually Friday. It's the very early hours of Monday morning (4:22am to be precise). But this is my final shift, and my plane leaves here back home in just over 12 hours. So it feels like the end of the week to me.

The double meaning of the title is to do with my dining experience. TGI Friday's. I'm not sure why I've heard of it, but somehow this chain in the US has entered my pop-cultural radar. And now I have experienced it in all it's kitsch-y glory. Basically it's a standard American bar/grill kind of place, but with lots of crazy crap on the walls. That's the gimmick as far as I can tell. From a 3 foot astronaut, to a picture of JFK and Jacqueline, to a set of novelty oversized pool balls. I don't really get the theme, apart from....randomness.

The one thing that set it apart food wise I guess was their BBQ sauce. A Jack Daniels based BBQ sauce which apparently won some award (at a Jack Daniels sponsored BBQ competition, don't read too much into that, I'm sure it's coincidental). To be honest it tasted like BBQ sauce with a little extra soy in it or something. You may be able to tell I wasn't overly impressed with it. But to be fair I think I've reached a kind of burger saturation point. I'm really looking forward to a proper restaurant experience when I get home (Sarah and I are off to The Point next weekend).

So that's it. Lachie's culinary adventure in the suburbs of Chicago. I'm sure I'll chat about it a little on the next podcast, but for now I'm done.

Have a nice day.

So it's been a few days ....
Sun 22nd Feb, 2009 - by Lachie

So I know that this is a food blog, but I haven't updated in a few days so I feel I should put some sort of explanation. First of all I think I should explain that this is a business trip, and quite an intensive one work wise, so when I'm not eating I am extremely busy. I'm essentially working 18-20 hours a day, mostly overnight. This means that most of the things I've posted on here have been eaten at what feels to me like breakfast.

So unlike all of my other trips/holidays, this one does not revolve around food or wine. Thus I eat where I'm taken, luckily this at least has some novelty value, but it ain't exactly gourmet. So I've added it to the site purely for entertainment purposes.

So for the last few days I've eaten a little higher up the food ladder. Japanese teppanyaki (or Hibachi as the Americans seem to call it), and an unremarkable Indian place. The teppanyaki was entertaining, done with typical flair including lighting stuff on fire, squirting sake into our mouths and an onion volcano. Also having broccoli thrown at your face is an interesting experience (I caught it by the way).

Tonight was back to Uncle Bub's. I chose a different burger tonight, I didn't have my camera so I couldn't get a photo of it, but if you look at the pictures I posted the other day and try and combine the two, you'll just about have it. It was a standard 1/2 pound beef patty topped with BBQ pulled pork. Possibly the closest thing to a heart attack you can eat.

I'm hoping for some pizza tomorrow, that was quite the experience on my last trip here. Even if we don't go for that I'll try and dig out the photos I took last time.

Looking forward to coming back to a more civilised life though.

It can't get more American. Except when it can.
Wed 18th Feb, 2009 - by Lachie

Day three in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I woke up this morning and turned on the tv to find a news item entitled: "What's making us fat?". It turned out they were comparing recipes from a cookbook 25 years ago to the current edition and found that *SHOCK* serving sizes were smaller back then!

I think we all know that it isn't what people are cooking at home from cook books that's making them fat. It's either all the pre-packaged crap. Or it's crap like I ate last night...and the night before that...and tonight.

NO! Scratch that last one, for although the photo below seems to show an All American Beef Patty (you can tell by the little paper flag), it is not so. You see the secret ingredient is, in fact, bison. Also known as a f&*#ing massive hairy cow, you can tell how big it is by the head of one mounted to the wall (shame I didn't get a photo of that actually). According to Ted's Montana Grill's handy information sheet: "bison is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than beef". So I actually went for the healthy option tonight. Perhaps I shouldn't have had it with cheese, onion and bacon though....

Ted's Montana Grill

America - a land of contrasts. All American contrasts.
Tue 17th Feb, 2009 - by Lachie

So in part 2 of my American adventure I think I'll elucidate a little more on the exact nature of "Uncle Bub's" I mentioned yesterday.

First of all, think of a big wooden barn. Ok, you know what the exterior looks like. Inside, imagine wooden tables with bench seats in a booth sort of arrangement, and wall decorations of rusted farm equipment, a neon beer ad or two and a few scattered trophies (including one for the Best Sauce at "Ribfest" 2006). Now you're starting to get an idea of Uncle Bub's.

As soon as you enter you're assailed by the odors of hickory and bacon, and of course the famous "Pulled Pork". Pulled pork is essentially pork that is slow cooked until it essentially falls apart. It's very tender and has the unmistakable BBQ flavour. This, along with pulled beef can be seen in one of the photos I posted yesterday.

So that was Uncle Bub's. As American as you could get you might think. Not so, says I. For tonight I dined at the one and only (well, one of many): Steak n' Shake. Imagine this time, a 50's diner. Ok, you're done. The photo below should fill in any gaps.

As for the food, the word "Steak" in the title is somewhat of a misnomer. It is, in fact, a burger joint. All burgers come with two sides, a traveling companion went for the cup of chilli, and the salad; which consisted of some shredded lettuce, some "artistically layered" cucumber and tomoato, and a store-bought dressing. Rather underwhelming perhaps, but who comes here and orders the salad?

In an attempt to "go native", I opted for the onion rings, and cheese fries. Yes. Cheese fries. Basically french fries topped with a sauce which may at some point have included something that closely approximates a substance not entirely unlike cheese. It was everything you'd expect it to be.

Lunch today was unremarkable in that it was legitimately good (as opposed to good in a bad way). It was a thin-crust Italian saussage and pepperoni pizza, but who wants to hear about food that doesn't reinforce cultural stereotypes.

Uncle Bubs
Steak N Shake


Lachie Abroad - A taste of things to come.
Mon 16th Feb, 2009 - by Lachie

Dave was very adamant when we began this site that it was to revolve around the podcasts , the recipes , and the reviews.

It was not, said Dave, to be a blog.

Fair enough. So here begins my travel blog.
I will keep it brief and food oriented. Basically I'm in the suburbs of Chicago for a week, and I intend to post coverage of my culinary adventures right here.

And just to whet the appetite, some photos from Uncle Bub's Award Winning BBQ! I will write a little more tomorrow, but right now I'm full of bacon burger and jet-lagged.

We've made double figures!
Mon 9th Feb, 2009 - by Lachie

Who would have thunk it? Uploaded just this minute is our 10th podcast since the beginning of

This time we spend quite a lot of time ranting. Watch for Dave getting more and more vociferous as the podcast goes on.

Also, make sure you check out The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival's Website. There's a lot of very tempting events on, we're quite looking forward to getting to a few of them.

So while you're perusing the festival program, head to the latest podcast.

Latest recipes and new wine
Mon 9th Feb, 2009 - by Dave
  Yay! I beat Lachie! I've managed to get at least one of the recipes from Saturday's podcast up: Thai spiced quail with cucumber oil and mango salad and also wrote up the wine that we had with it: Skillogalee 2008 Clare Valley Riesling. I'm really stoked with the quail, so please have a try and let me know what you think on the forums...





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